our bedrooms

“studio 54”

The two windows grant you a nice view on the western country side. The light filtered through the 1970’s yellow curtains matches playfully together with the “serious” black metal old bed, an old dressing table that was in my Grandmothers bedroom and a drawing board from the 1950’s.


“someone likes…”

A short corridor will bring you to this room and to the newly remodeled bathroom.
The room is furnished with a baroque bed and objects from the 1950’s.
atmosphere is joyfull and domestic by all the different pieces. Especially the pink hair dryer helmet that still works!


“Pulp fiction”

You can access this bedroom from an antechamber where the old brick floor has been rediscovered. Here you can find the entrance to the recently remodeled bath. A wooden stairway brings you to the two connected bedrooms furnished in a vintage way.


Casa Burani wants to inspire you and force you fall apart from everyday madness, awaking yourself to a new self-consciousness.

Make yourself at home!

The house is furnished with old pieces of furniture belonging and coming from friends and from my family: wood furniture, neon lights and italian design furniture from the ’50 and ‘70 live together with the (idea) spirit to send back an ironic joyful and homely pleasant room. The blooming garden collects different plants and flowers so you can relish the ever-changing blossoms of the seasons.

the location and the garden are available for a maximum of 8 people, from 350 euros/night.

A little part of the house and garden is private and not available.


feel free to be yourself

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